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5 Places to Visit for Business Trips to Ankara

Five places to visit for people coming to Ankara for a business trip is among the popular question among the people. As you know that Ankara is the center of Turkey in terms of different angels. You can go this magnificent historcial city using different modes of transport. As you know that Ankara is one of the cities with the most vibrant and lively city structure in Turkey. Thanks to the dynamic structure of the city, Ankara experiences lively moments for 24 hours. Most of people know that Ankara has seen many civilizations throughout history and this unique city which had a small structure in the beginning, has hosted a larger area over the years. At the same time Ankara is a favorite of businessmen in many respects. That is to say the city is also one of the cities considered as an industrial center. With its developed industry, it is the favorite of many businessmen and people who want to work. Apart from this businessmen who come to visit this city also take a short vacation. In this text we are going to talk about five popular places.

Firstly the most known of these and the place where everyone should go is Anıtkabir. This building, which has an unbelievably unique atmosphere, fascinates people. That is when you visit this place, you will realize that the heart of history lies there. In addition, Ankara has a very green nature. If you have a car, we definitely recommend you should go to Eymir Lake. This lake, which is defined as a paradise in Ankara, has a unique view. It has a unique view during the year. In winter, the lake freezes due to the cold weather of Ankara. On the other hand It is a very popular place where both locals and foreigners use it for picnics or camping when the weather is nice. Thirdly, Rahmi Koç Museum is also a very popular museum in Ankara. People who want to time travel should definitely visit this museum. In addition, Ankara also has a historical structure in terms of religion. Haci Bayram Veli Tomb is very popular in this respect. Finally, Ankara Castle is of course one of the places that you should visit.

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At the same time accommodation is also very important during this trip. People look for a place where they can stay comfortably while visiting the unique historical places of Ankara. At that point you can be sure that Hamit Hotel is a good option for you. The hotel is very close to the city center, we can even say in the city center. Even from the window of the hotel, you can witness the lively life and unique view of Ankara. The rooms of the hotel are also very comfortable. Everything you may need is available in the room. TV, air conditioner, bathroom, hair dryer, etc., many more are available.

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Apart from accomodation, eating and drinking is very important. Some of hotels do not have this this. Especially people coming from Ankara for a busness trip look for a hotel having eating and drinking service. At that point eating and drinking in Hamit Hotel will delight you.




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