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Suggestions For People Wanting to Visit Ankara in A Few Hours

Sugesstions for people wanting to vistit Ankara in a few hours is among the popular topics. Especially most of busniness men do not have enough time to vist Ankara. Because of this they look for different suggestions to vist Ankara in a few hours. At that point we can indicate that Ankara is really big city, so It is one of the most crowded metropolis. Because of this a few hours is not enough to see historical structure of this amazing historical city. However of course you can go to some of them. Kızılay Street has very important role for Ankara. As you know that Kızılay is the center of the city and is quite crowded. If you want to witness the lively structure of the city, you should definitely step into this street. This street, which has many different shops and businesses, also has a unique view. We can say that the heart of the city beats in this street.

Kızılay Street is quite a nice place to have a good time with your friends or family members. The other words we can indicate that it is a good choice for you. In short Kızılay is a street that is the heart of Ankara, and it is quite popular. Many people, whether from Ankara or not, know this street. Because of this we can say that every road leads to Kızılay in Ankara. We see workplaces, restaurants, cafes and bars, cinema-theatre, shopping mall, art and culture centers on this street. In addition to Kızılay, Sakarya Street is also quite famous. It is a street where cafes and bars, florists and fishermen are concentrated. Sakarya Street has Gökdelen and Güvenpark which are symbols of Ankara. You should definitely see one of these two streets. In addition to the these streets, historical Ankara also draws attention with its historical structure. There are a few buildings that you should definitely visit during your few hours of sightseeing tour. At that point we can can reccomend that you should go Ankara old city center. It is one of the places you must visit to witness this historical structure. It is one of the most active areas of Ankara. Ankara Castle, Samanpazarı, Hamamönü and Ulus Square are located here. Although it has changed over the years, it still retains its great historical and old atmosphere. Historical, archaeological and authentic sites and museums will welcome you in there.

Ankara Castel and Historical Houses

Apart from these you can see Ankara Castle and Historical Ankara Houses which is one of the most important historical buildings of Ankara, here. You can buy souvenirs for your loved ones from the souvenir shops here. In addition, there are restaurants that show the authentic and historical structure inside the Ankara Castle. This castle also hosts various events and festivals.

Hotels in Ankara

Hotels in Ankara is among the most popular subject which is investigation. People want to find a good one. At that point most of people prefer Hamit Hotel. This Hotel is near most of amazing places such as Fantasyland, Sea World and MTG Paintball. In there you can reach everything that you need during the travel. If you want to reach more information you can visit the website of Hamit Hotel.




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